We’ve Only Just Begun…

Finally after much deliberation I have decided that the best way for me to start my blog, is just to start writing, so here goes. At the moment, this is intended to be a place to share with you my day-to-day adventures as I muddle through life, that may change as I start to write but for now let’s start with what I’ve been up to lately…

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with my lovely Nan at Champney’s Spa, Henlow Grange.

As you can see she is still totally rocking it at 75 years of age and we had such a fantastic time! It was her birthday on the Friday and despite being at a ‘health spa’ we still managed to have  some champagne!

I’d actually only been on my first ever spa break to this very same place earlier this year. This was as a surprise for my friend Erin’s hen night and it was brilliant to see her face as we pulled up outside the beautiful house: 

Each guest is provided with a pair of Champney’s flip-flops and a big fluffy white robe, with the intention being that they can spend the entire weekend wearing them and not having to worry about changing into real clothes at any point. Nearly everyone chose to do this and found it very relaxing but I’m still not sure about this concept; I am a HUGE fan of pyjamas, if it were possible they would probably be my number one clothing choice on most occasions, however a small, very British part of me (the part of me that would very much like to be living in Downton Abbey circa 1912) still likes the concept of ‘dressing for dinner’ and it felt quite strange to be sat around in public and eating meals whilst wearing just a robe.

The treatments I had were absolutely brilliant. My particular favourite is the back, neck and shoulder massage. Spending all day long sat a desk in front of computer means I carry all my tension around in my shoulders and so it is sheer bliss to have someone work out all of those knots – I could feel my shoulders physically move back down from around my ears to somewhere nearer to where they belong!  It’s also a nice chance to switch off your mind and simply focus on the feeling of the massage and the music in the background.

I have been totally converted and know exactly what treatment I’ll be having when I head back to Champney’s for my third trip this year in November! In the meantime, I’m seriously considering finding a local masseuse to keep my shoulders in check. I know it’s a costly treatment but I think that the benefits of relaxation for both the body and mind are worth every penny.

This isn’t quite what I imagined my first blog post being about, but there you go. As I said, the plan is to keep writing and see how things turn out. As with life, I’m sure I’ll find some direction somewhere!

Until next time,

V x


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